Welcome to the world of BOREALUX LED aluminum profiles, where aesthetics meet luminous efficiency. Our aluminum extrusions or also called profiles are designed specifically to accommodate our LED strips, providing them with robust structural support while improving heat dissipation. Thanks to their high-quality aluminum construction, BOREALUX extrusions extend the life of LEDs by reducing accumulated heat, thus ensuring optimal and long-lasting light performance. Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, they allow you to create personalized and elegant installations. Whether you want to highlight shelves, walls, ceilings or steps, aluminum profiles offer a versatile solution for integrating LEDs harmoniously and discreetly. In addition, the different lens choices allow the light to be diffused evenly. They can be equipped with translucent, opaque or diffusing covers to create unique lighting effects, thus accentuating the atmosphere and conviviality of your spaces.

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